Monday, August 24, 2009

The French Meetup at La Madeline

Tomorrow evening is once again French Meetup night at La Madeline at 7:00. Looking forward to it much. What a nice group of people. I get so excited when I'm speaking French there. I have no concept of social manners during that time and have to be careful not to interrupt people. I see a few language blogs out there that I'd like to hook up with but I don't know if it is polite to just link without asking. I'll have to ask and see. I must give Tim Ferriss props for making me feel guilty about having lost some of my language learning zeal. I'm ready to be a Zealot! I enjoy listening to French programming right now on my WiFi radio. Many types are available but mine is a Pico by Sabre. I believe that it is manufactured in the UK. The quality of sound is just excellent. If you don't find your target language being spoken among those thousands of free channels I just can't help you.

I do find movies helpful for language learning. I get to hear more of a street version of the textbook language and find it enriching. In fact I guess everything is effective for me except childrens' books. I believe that an adult should just dive in to adult level material. By far my favorite book for rekindling language learning zeal is Barry Farber's How to Learn any Language (9780806512716). Give it a look. I don't have any book in my library that is so full of yellow hilight. Quite a jewel in my book!

Has anyone out there tried shadowing? Do you know what it is? Oh! While I'm at it I should recommend that you go to and see what language meetups there are in your area. Happy Hunting!

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