Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Linguists

I stumbled upon the other day. You should go there. They had a movie there called The Linguists. These people go all over the world and document languages that are near extinction. I mean very near. They showcased an aboriginal Taiwanese language with only five speakers remaining. So sad to see languages disappear. Then they were off to Siberia to catalog yet another with only a handful of speakers and then off to document a Native American language that has one speaker left who speaks to himself so that he does not forget it. They showed efforts involved to bring this language and others back to life. I thought it was fascinating and you might also.

Speaking of "stumbled upon", there is a site called "StumbleUpon". StumbleUpon, brings up random websites based upon your likes and interests. Be careful because you can find yourself losing track of time here. I have found some useful items there such as hasslebot which will email you and remind you to do something like study or whatever you set it to remind you. Give it a try if you haven't already.

Currently I'm really trying to study French. I'm watching French movies on Netflix, watching French news on I'd recommend you combine the two in the language of your choice.

I hope you are practicing speaking your newfound language every day.

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